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2022 Summer Skills

2022 Summer Skills


HYBA is excited to present our new 2022 Summer Skills & Drills Program. This program is designed to encourage, challenge and recognize players who put in the time to improve their basketball skills this summer.

Click To Register for the 2022 Skills & Drills Program

(registration is open now through May 29, 2022)

Cost per player   $10

Tracking Sheets


Digital Tracking Sheet*


Print Blank PDF


* to create your own digital tracking sheet, click to open the template, then click "File > Make a Copy" and save a version to your Google Drive. From there you can enter your minutes directly into the Tracking tab.

Key Dimensions

  • Individual skill development

  • Multi-sport athlete

  • Building Character and Community through volunteering


  • Registration: Ends May 29th.
  • Program Runs: Saturday, May 29th - Friday, August 27th
  • Tracking Sheets Due: TBD
  • Recognition TBD


  • Hutchinson, MN School Student
  • Ages 2nd - 8th Grade (2022 - 2023 School Year)

Recognition Levels

Gold 1000 minutes - Recognition T-Shirt
Black 3000 minutes - Recognition Sweatshirt
Top Finisher Top 10% point finishers - Recognition Sweatshirt, $10 DUNHAM'S Gift Card

Scoring Categories

 Category  Example Activities  Minutes
Basketball Dribbling, Shooting, Camps  Unlimited
Basketball Fundamentals Challenge  (see below)  5 minute bonus per day challenge completed
Multi-sport  Organized Sport   300 minute bonus
Volunteering Community Service  180 minute bonus


Basketball Fundamentals Challenge (Bonus)

When an individual completes the Basketball Fundamentals Challenge as part of their basketball workout on a given day, they will be awarded an additional 5 bonus minutes on top of their actual total minutes completed on that day.

The Basketball Fundamentals Challenge serves as a simple framework to encourage kids to focus on the basics every day.

Basketball Fundamentals Challenge    
2nd - 5th Grade

 2 minutes right-hand dribbling

 2 minutes left-hand dribbling

 10 made right-hand layups

 10 made left-hand layups

 10 made free throws*

6th, 7th & 8th Grade

 5 minutes right-hand dribbling

 5 minutes left-hand dribbling

 25 made right-hand layups

 25 made left-hand layups

 15 made free throws

* - younger players who are unable to shoot from the regulation free throw line should move closer while still being encouraged to stay behind a line for the shot


HYBA Skills and Drills Virtual Community on

HYBA Summer Skills Program participants will be invited to join the HYBA Skills and Drills virtual community on This serves as both a tool for skill development and interacting with teammates in a positive virtual community.

Open Gyms


We are hopeful to have opportunities for open gyms this summer for Summer Skills participants.  This will depend on school policy and availability of cleaning services during desired times.

Hutchinson Basketball Camps

Players are encouraged to sign up for Basketball Camps sponsored by the HYBA. 

Find these and other area basketball opportunities on our 2022 More Basketball page.



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.  

Email:  or talk to your favorite HYBA board member.